Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. All bookings are subject to these Booking Terms & Conditions. The right to refuse a booking without giving reason is in all cases reserved by Appearance and all bookings (including bookings for trials) are subject to availability; change or postponement (except of course in the case of any wedding date( itself) in order to allow for subsequent wedding date bookings.
  2. Appearance, reserves the right to amend previously quoted prices if Client requirements are changed subsequent to booking. Such amendments to price will be notified to the Client in writing as quickly as reasonably possible.
  3. A booking fee by way of deposit of £100.00 must be made by the Client within 14 days of the booking. This deposit secures the services of Appearance for the wedding date and is non-refundable. Where time allows a further interim payment of £100.00 (or the balance of the quoted fee where less than this sum) must be paid by the Client 12 weeks prior to the wedding date. The remaining balance (if any) is due on or before the wedding date. If any payment due from the Client (other than balance due on or before the wedding date) is seven days or more late in payment, then Appearance reserves the right to vacate the booking/wedding date. Any payment due on, or by the wedding date itself will, if not paid on that date, attract interest at the rate of 4% above the Bank of England base lending rate. In all cases, payment will only be accepted if made in the form of online smart phone payment or in cash.
  4. The quoted prices of Appearance include (unless stated otherwise) a trial prior to the wedding date which will ordinarily take place during the first four weeks of booking. Trials are best done in daylight hours where possible, although this is the choice of the Client as hair and skin can change colour throughout various seasons. Trials are to ensure that the Client is happy with the look and styling. There will be the opportunity for the Client (at additional charge if not already quoted for and booked) to book a second final check trial nearer to the wedding date. Each trial is a full trial with consultation (two hours for each member for the party for both hair and make-up). Appearance is unable to carry out consultations without a trial. If for any reason the Client is not happy with the first trial then the Client may cancel the booking date in writing within seven days of the trial but will not be entitled to the return of any deposit paid (and if deposit has not been paid in breach of these Terms and Conditions then the stipulated deposit will remain due and payable in any event). Any wedding date cancelled by the Client 14 days or less prior to the wedding date will entitle Appearance to charge at the full price previously quoted.
  5. In cases where bookings involve travel by Appearance in excess of 10 miles (one way) an additional travel charge of £0.50 per mile for the entire journey will be made whether previously quoted for or not. Such charge is based not only upon mileage but also upon necessary travel time to and from the required location.
  6. Appearance makes no additional charge for trial or wedding date bookings upon Public Holidays.
  7. The minimum fee for a wedding date booking is £200.00. This is for hair, beauty and make-up costs only and is not inclusive of any necessary travel charges (in accordance with clause 5 above) and any non-returnable item costs. Quoted prices are in accordance with the current Appearance price list for the time being and costs of trial prior to the wedding date will be the subject of additional charge again in accordance with the price list.
  8. In each case the price quoted by Appearance for hair artistry is entirely dependent upon the length of hair and style required. The Client will appreciate that the more involved and thus time –consuming the style, the greater is likely to be the cost. Appearance will discuss with each Client at the earliest opportunity reasonably possible the cost implications of the Client’s hair artistry requirements.
  9. All make-up and hair products used by Appearance are of the highest quality and are recognised products. Should the Client (or a member of the Client’s party) have a very sensitive skin then Appearance can use a surgically-graded mineral range or will use the Client’s own products if preferred. The obligation is upon the Client or member of the party concerned to notify of such sensitivity and/or to make such request. It is vital that the Client (or any member of the party) advise Appearance of any sensitivities, allergies or the wearing of contact lenses. A questionnaire is provided in the information pack for this purpose. Any cosmetics which the Client or any member of the Client’s party may wish to use for re-touching purposes during the wedding date can be purchased from Appearance who will be happy to quote a price.
  10. Appearance is committed to ensuring excellence before and upon the wedding date. It follows that, on occasion, early starts are required. This will be discussed at the first trial but it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure the availability of the Client and members of her party at the time and place stipulated for wedding date and wedding date preparation.
  11. Except to any extent unavoidably stipulated by law, Appearance does not accept claims for consequential and/or indirect loss or damage howsoever arising. In any event the liability of Appearance for any claim whatsoever, howsoever arising, is limited to, at maximum, the refund of invoiced or quoted sum (apportioned if necessary) in respect only of the individual person (whether bride, bridesmaid or otherwise) concerned.